Shenzhen container quantity will back to 2000W aga



    Shenzhen container quantity will back to 2000W again. Export in Shenzhen have increased in last 7 month. Shenzhen have export and import total 1.699.64W tons in last half of 2010, it have in creased 22% than 2009. It is the new high point. 
    According to reports, the plan of hainan extensive new open a sino-us shipping routes. This course will be put into four craft 2700TEU lease boat, along callings: ningbo, Shanghai, boracay port. New airline expected from Shanghai waigaoqiao in August first flight. Routes of speeds for ship, shipment from Shanghai 20.5 U.S. quarter attaching to the port of long beach time for 11 days. Previously, the shipping in hainan functional in May this year and Hong Kong DE xiang shipping cooperation opened Sino-Australian routes

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