One is all around, unconventional port construction



    One is all around, unconventional port construction side is overcapacity experts and scholars on the anxious; One side is local governments and foreign capital of port investment you increase, one side is funds in the stock market investors such as dramatically reduce held once heavy warehouse port shares. In the year 2010, transportation department of transportation said port construction, coast to compress the difficulty of the approved will greatly increase. At the same time, will increase the Bohai sea, Yangtze river delta and pearl river delta, southeast coastal region and the Yangtze river, gulf port resource integration of mainline intensities, control direction overcapacity directed at port. Whether can thus be said China port capacity really excess? 
    By the end of last year, China container capacity of above 85% 91 port, the handling of last year about 1.04 million TEU of volume, while China last year main container terminals 28, add new berths cool down million TEU capacity up to account for around 10%, handle cases reflect growth amount jerks. Port capacity really excess, industry twittering. Due to the influence of the financial crisis, the current container transportation market demand decreases, but there are still many places still in big construction, such as Chongqing port, the port container throughput next 5 years planning to reach 500 million TEU, but according to he predicted by 2015, Chongqing port only 150 million TEU needs, thus, Chongqing port container terminal will "sun". 
    According to the 2009 China shipping development report shows, from the port throughput perspective, the pearl river delta region, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and container throughput of Xia men respectively for 188 million, 101 million and 49 million TEU, growing 32.9% higher year-on-year growth respectively, 0.7% and 31.9%, Shenzhen and container throughput rate of xiamen somewhat faster, Guangzhou port but significant downturn, including Shenzhen chiwan container throughput of 55.9% climbed at port. In the top 10 global container through put in Dagang mouth of six seats, the Chinese firm. Obviously, the big trend in adjustable structure of port, the past the blind construction wouldn't necessarily conform to future regulation thinking. China's current economic analysis of structural adjustment and a long process, so China domestic and foreign trade development also have very big space, this also gives port brought development opportunities. China port development may not again with 20% growth, but will still be with a rate of more than eight percent growth, and 10 moderate ~ 20 years, medium-speed growth.

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