Japan three port routes pause



    Shipping company in northeastern Japan after earthquakes and tsunamis, has stopped or cancel the three local port routes or shipping callings, one reason is that local blackouts limit, influence terminal operation. Affected port: sendai, fart. Very sedimentation and eight households port, the reason is that these port facilities by the different degree damaged. Maersk shipping company spokesman marina interview said in the United States, including the above ports doesn't accept customer orders of transport, until a more detailed information so far. She also said that, "the ports: yokohama Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Byrd port remained operation, the shipping company accept reservations intercourse." loading transport Tokyo district six ports when the earthquake ecialists last Friday. Oocl said Tokyo yokohama port once for earthquake and tsunami export cargo big drop. Oocl also announced the alliance members in Japanese packet by sendai port transportation, freight and force majeure influence that affect the allocation of partial ships arrangements and said to DongJingGang goods by customer arrangement. In addition, the maersk shipping spokesman says Tokyo, yokohama daily to 1 to 3 hours, blackouts disrupt the normal loading dock homework. "Maersk in Japan hire 300 employees, they are safe." She said, as for Japan's office were not, and maintain the seismic damage business, but must accept turns outage, and disturbing the employee commutes schedule. "Not all staff to work." On Friday, a ship maersk container ship just left Japan wharf, after the earthquake occurred again a tsunami, but reports say no damage. Maersk says so far, all of the service in Japanese ports as usual, continue to keep, but the service may have the change.

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