The Institute celebrates 10 graduate students successfully passed the thesis defense

A few days ago,Prof. Deng’s team celebrated the ten successful graduate students who successfully passed the thesis defense, as follows:

1 The Research of Postal Savings Bank of China Supply Chain Finance Strategy-------Danyang Liu


2 Study on Credit Risk Evaluation of Online Supply Chain Finance---------Zixuan Chen


3  Risk assessment of account receivable financing for small and medium-sized enterprises in supply chain------Yuhan Bao


4 Research on Replenishment Mode in the TMI-Supply Chain of Bosch Automotive Parts co., Ltd -------Jia Shen


5 The Research on Credit Risk Assessment of Prepayments for SMEs in Supply Chain------Yupan Wu


6 Optimization of Accounts Receivable Mode's income distribution from the perspective of Commercial Bnaks-----Jiani Hong


7 The Evaluation on “Last Mile” Logistics Service Quality of Fresh Food E-commerce------Chengyun Wu


8 Evaluation on operational risk of online supply chain finance based on the third party B2B e-commerce platform----Yuying Xu


9 The Research on Credit Risk Evaluation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’ Order Financing Under Supply Chain---Yahui Han


10 Research on the financing price and income distribution of prepaid accounts in supply chain finance----Meng Sen

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