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Institute members visiting Hunan Postal Express & Logistics for communication and study

Institute members visiting Hunan Postal Express & Logistics for communication and study

In the afternoon of March 30, the institute organized the teachers and students of Electronic Commerce and Logistics Management department to go to Hunan Postal Express & Logistics for communication and study by the school bus.

Firstly, we arrived at the internal processing spot of the company’s air mail processing center. We had been warmly welcomed by Wang Aiping, the company’s general manager, and other leaders.

At the scene of the express delivery process, the managers made very professional and patient interpretation for us. Then we went to the Changsha distribution hub of Hunan Postal Express located in Xingsha, and visited the scene of logistics internal processing and the international integration processing center of the electronic commerce business department. It was the neat, clean, lively work environment that left a deep impression to teachers and students. The 6S was also applied to logistics process!

Then, the two sides developed colloquia in the company's training meeting room. President Wang introduced the strategic vision and action plan of the China Post to build the world-class logistics enterprise. China Postal Express & Logistics will be the vanguard of China Post and it will come into the market by packing across the board to strengthen logistics. Then Fanli, the chairman of Hunan Postal Express & Logistics mail pro- cessing center, detailed introduced the operation of the project of Hunan postal service express delivery EMS and High-speed rail postal, as well as the company's integrated management information platform,production operation platform and safety production operation management, etc.Also he presented some situation of logistics system in 2013 , that there will build a new Courier mail processing center of ten thousand square meters that can handle up automatic sorting of 330 thousand pieces one day.

At last, teachers and students exchange related opinions about how to optimize processes, reduce costs, and improve service quality of Hunan postal in a fierce market competition environment, which new forces suddenly raise such as Shunfeng, Yuantong, Zhongtong, Huitong, Shengtong and Yunda.

The tour to learn and communication, made the teachers and students feel the changes of the postal and brought new opportunities for the development of logistics discipline


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