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A team of Institute into the Changsha electronic port and Jinxia logistics valley

April 20, 2017, the team of 7 people of Institute attended the membership activity hosted by the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Changsha Jinxia Bonded Logistics Center Management Committee, undertook by Changsha Electronic Port Co., Ltd. The theme of the activity was "open a window, all the way to see the world". The first quarter of the activities opened in Changsha Jinxia bonded electric business building. The activities aim to help you understand the world regional culture, foreign trade economy, port customs clearance and other related knowledge through the Changsha electronic port, people from different foreign countries and 20 local enterprises had sponsored or co-hosted this theme activities. 

It around the "open a window, all the way to see the world" as the theme, people taste d Swedish cuisine, while learning cross-border trade, customs clearance expertise.The Swedish had been invited to introduce culture and education, folk customs, foreign trade, customs clearance and other aspects of the Scandinavia.The local well-known customs enterprises - ocean declaration introduced the import and export declarations, inspection process and regional characteristics, and answer doubts for everyone. 

 Prof. Aimin Deng, Director of the Institute of Transportation and Logistics, was invited to give a lecture about the Characteristics and Development Countermeasures of Hunan International Trade in the Context of the Belt and Road. It profoundly analyzed the economic and trade characteristics of China, Hunan and the countries along the way, and put forward the development countermeasures of the Strategy. Professor Deng's brilliant analysis received the enthusiastic response and praise by the participants of government, enterprises, schools, associations and other parties, and the established a multi-industry relations.

Then, the team of institute visited the Jinxia Logistics Development Zone Administrative Committee of China Merchants Zhang Zhongwen, and launched a fruitful discussion on the relevant areas of cooperation.

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