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Wuhan's Dongxihu bonded logistics centre now China's second biggest



    Since commencement of operation two years ago, value of the cargo handled by the Dongxihu bonded logistics centre, located in central China's city of Wuhan, has come to a total of US$3.19 billion, with annual value of US$1.8 billion, making it the second largest among the 23 such facilities in China after Xiamen bonded logistics centre, Xinhua reports.
    Wuhan is one the largest hubs of air, water and land transportation in hinterland China, providing favourable transportation conditions for the Dongxihu bonded logistics centre. The facility is operating waterway, air-land and sea-rail intermodal services. Wuhan plans to form a 12.7 square kilometre bonded economic area at the centre of the bonded facility and develop the area into a export processing and manufacturing base and trade hub in the central and west China in three to five years.

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