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Baltic dry bulk freight rate index rose, increasing



    Baltic dry bulk shipping exchange trade tariffs because of rising BADI Tuesday, index of shipping stronger demand, especially grain. Baltic dry bulk freight rate index rose 3.04% or 42 points, to 1,424 points for the eighth consecutive day go up. "Panamax ship fares rise thanks to rising ships scheduled activities, for Latin American grain export peak is about to begin." SSY Consultancy and true Langston says Derek senior executives. "Besides coal export to Australia's east coast again, America's coal exports also rise, also help push the shipping market." The index before the commencement of this advance, was shut down for 4, February had touched two years lows. Recent Australian floods and cyclones affect coal production, many producers announced the influence of force majeure, and caustic and capes type shipping activities. "Demand for iron ore in China have been fragile, for iron ore and steel stocks still near a record level, the continuous excess capacity situation makes the headland." type ship confined Fargo, a senior analyst at signatures based Webber wrote in the report way, Michael. Baltic capes type. BACI liters ship fares index 5.84%. The daily average capes type ship profit rose to sixth day 7,550 dollars. Capes type of ship carrying freight volume is usually 15 million tons, is mainly iron ore and coal goods. Baltic panamax size BPNI rise 1.64 fares index. Panama ships a daily average of $16,435 profit. This type of ships carrying quantity is usually 6 to 7 million tons, coal and grain is mainly goods.

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