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Hunan Yueyang become largest shipping logistics ce



    "Start 1025" at the beginning of the first port ", and "Hunan Yueyang Dongting lake water port funerals constantly: rescue command center phase of the project are put into use; City where government service center msa sub-center formal operation; 2010, harbor cargo throughput breakthrough of 65 million, more than 40 percent of the cargo throughput, 28 in the inland main port ranked seven; Port container throughput breakthrough 12.5 million teu, accounting for 60% share province. "11th five-year plan" period, Yueyang port cargo throughput increased 310.6%, become the largest shipping logistics center. Yueyang port of deep-water appropriate port coastline of the 80%. "11th five-year plan" period, Yueyang city has invested 10 million yuan, has built SongYang Newport, Dongting lake water emergency rescue center, xiang underworld creek deepwater port and waterway infrastructure, at present as a city built garages 163 along the central and radiation as far as many provinces (municipalities). The city adhere to command the overall situation, the implementation of safety supervision jurisdiction of the whole system, key cruising waters key waters and attendant to lift the jurisdiction of period of peace. Introduced optimizing economic environment according to law ZhengJi according to regulation, water transportation fees and so on, more than 10 files, the establishment of a "unified standards, publicly preferential, sunshine fee" collection of mode, cancelled a toll collectors "discretion", execute collect fees decision-making power, right, supervision and inspection fines shall right "separation", mutual supervision. Since last year, completely implemented to yueyang waters ships sailing "only the error correction, no fines" and standardizes the right operation; Vigorously carry out of difficulties, fees, preferential policies ChuanHu, key enterprise gives 20% to 60 per cent of the annual fees ranging favorable, preferential or reduction fees 1,500 yuan of above. Superior water environment, promote the growth and the capacity to improve safety coefficient. Compared with "15", Yueyang port capacity increased WaiGang 157%, YueCan shipped to 4 times, water transport ship growth registers total power reached 48 million tons, accounts for the 1/3. Port ship more than 5% of GDP, direct contributions of fiscal revenue 4 billion yuan.

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