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Shanghai port container throughput by 2015 of 3600



    National People's Congress to represent, port group, President, vice secretary of party ChenQu source March 3 when accepting a reporter to interview, said 2015, when the port container throughput will reach 3600 million to 37 million teu scale. ChenQu sources say, 2010 the port economy have very good growth, more than Singapore port container throughput, becomes the world first, achieve 2909 million teu. The overall port throughput and Shanghai port also reached 6.5 million tons, keep the world first, reflect the economic rebound faster growth. He also said, "from the port economy development, the future trend of port in macroeconomic situation will continue to maintain steady growth; and the country's major economic structural change, such as central to the west of industry layout, outspread, will bring new opportunities for development of integrated logistics level. This will put forward higher request." ChenQu source said, "Another port from former development bottleneck has until now the capacity surplus slightly change, this requires port in port of the competition, to further confirm new competitive advantages, such as development information."

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